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CE hours are customized to your treatment needs by a local provider! By supporting continuing education, this positive action will encourage your team and strengthen your business. With over twenty years experience, iPath is a proven leader. Our goal at iPath is to give your spa guests a unique experience, which can make a positive life difference for them, that they will be happy to tell others about. Allow iPath the opportunity to share our knowledge and skills with your dedicated and eager staff. Our CE classes are designed to inspire therapists to fulfill their potential, enhance you services and improve continuity within your spa.

What separates iPath from other educational providers?

• We take your specific treatment to the next level while keeping your therapists up to date on their CE hours!
• We take many of your already existing protocols or create one around your vision and incorporate it into a CE class.
• In just one twelve hour CE class your therapists can go from providing an average treatment to offering your guests an inspired, knowledgeable signature experience they will not forget and would happily tell others about!
• Our certified, licensed and experienced iPath educator has over twenty years experience in the spa, alternative health and psychological fields. Her passion for education has helped many to reach their full therapeutic potential.

iPath - We bring it all together.

Each CE course helps ensure that your therapists are up to date on their CE hours and helps them reach their optimal therapeutic potential. CE topics include:

— Ayurveda
— Chakras
— Reiki
— Energy Work
— KSTechnique (Kabbalah Somatic Technique)
— Stone Massage
— Crystal Massage
— Essential Oils
— Mojave Rain™