Jordania Goldberg is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider. Provider number is 450205-06.  Jordania is taking a sabattical in 2017 while she writes her book, and will resume classes in 2018. Please check back for the class schedule.

Spa Ayuveda

Develop the basic understanding of Ayurvedic philosophies and spa applications in our three part series or 30 hour intensives.

Part I – Twelve CE Hours
Ayurveda I introduces the inspiring world of Ayurvedic philosophy and history. Then it opens the door to the elements, doshas, shirodhara, tongue and pulse testing.

Part II – Twelve CE Hours
With Ayurveda II, take a deeper look into it’s rich history and philosophy. Then explore abyhanga, marma points, chakras, energy bodies, seasonal considerations for the doshas and much more!

Part III – Twelve CE Hours
Continue your journey into the mysteries of Ayurveda. Topics include; Gunas, diet considerations, a more detailed look at the marmas, Snehana, Shirodhara, foot balancing, along with additional tools for client assessment and treatment planning.

Chakra Therapy

Twelve CE Hours
Enter the fascinating world of crystal work. Learn about their relationship to the human body, chakas and energy fields. The protocol and hands on portion of the course offers a practical and therapeutic format for crystal massage and placement.

Spa Stones

Twelve CE Hours
Add one of the most popular bodywork services to your menu.This modality has taken hold and become mainstream in the bodywork and spa industry. Find out why and integrate stones into your current repertoire.


Allow KSTechnique or Kabbalah Somatic Technique to take your work to the next level in our 3 part series or 36-hour practitioner intensive. Be open to fulfilling your potential through knowledge and self-exploration. Learn what the Body/Mind/Spirit connection really means.

Level I – Twelve CE Hours
Deepen and enrich your work and healing experience by discovering how to read the body's energy centers via the tree of life. Find out how this map impacts our lives. Begin to see how the body, mind and emotions are linked. Gain tools to work more in depth with your clients.

Level II– Twelve CE Hours
The journey of KST continues as we learn about the world of energy that extends from the physical body. The psychology of the sephiroth and olamot (energy) bodies begin to open more doors of exploration. Learn to utilize sacred letters as symbols of healing in a therapeutic setting.

Part III – Twelve CE Hours
The mind/body/spirit connects in a deeper way as we continue to explore how the parts we have learned about in Levels I and II connect with the environment around us. Learn to assess this connection via the pulse and activate it via soul traveling techniques. Learn how these inter-relationships greatly impact us, our bodywork and the world around us. Once a participant has successfully completed all three levels they will be considered a KSTechnique Practitioner. 150-hour KSG level and 500-hour KSM level available by invitation following completion of the KST Levels I, II & III.


Reiki Level I– Twelve CE Hours
Welcome in the multi-faceted healing energy of Reiki. Learn how this frequency of energy helps to harmonize, relax, release stress, and activate the healing power within. Mikao Usui’s discovery of this healing art in Japan in the late 1800’s has become one of our worlds greatest gifts.

Reiki Level II– Twelve CE Hours
Help facilitate the powerful energy of Reiki by learning some of the many tools associated with focusing your healing intentions. Reiki level II symbols, distance healing and attunement are but a few ways this will be explored.

Reiki Level III– Twelve CE Hours
Help accelerate healing, assist the body in cleansing toxins, balance subtle energy and awaken! Begin to master the Reiki energy with the aid of level III symbols, protocols and attunement.


Twelve CE Hours
Mojave Rain™ combines Native American ritual with therapeutic essential oils, mixed with a variety of bodywork techniques. Enjoy this powerful journey as you add this detoxifying, balancing and harmonizing therapy into your repertoire.