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"The KST courses have brought a new depth of knowledge, insight and effectiveness to my bodywork and healing practices. As a massage therapist and yoga instructor with over 14 years of experience, KSTechnique has become one of my most effective tools for healing. The course makes ancient knowledge accessible via instruction that is both fun and fascinating. I recommend this course to anyone who wishes to take their healing practice to the next level.
Gina DeRoma, CMT, RYT, KSM

“From the initial KST training, my practice has transformed. I work as a massage therapist for hospice patients. Throughout a typical day, I am working with people facing a variety of terminal diseases. In addition to each of the different patient’s diagnoses, each individual has their own life experiences that they bring along. At the end of life, many issues surface. Massage therapy is beneficial and helpful for these patients. However, the addition of KST into the massage has been transformative.

The first time I did KST with a patient was incredible. I spoke with the patient’s father and explained what I was going to do for his son. He agreed and when I was over Keter, his minimally responsive son opened his eyes and began to laugh. I knelt down next to him and he told me that he had just been having “the best dream.” He smiled and returned to sleep. His father was amazed and both father and son were able to relax.

This is just one of now hundreds of examples I have witnessed of people being helped by this incredible healing modality. The peace that this continues to bring my patients and their families is such a gift and I am humbled to work with such a powerful, yet subtle tool.”
Annie Weissman, CMT, KSP, PhD candidate

“The most inspirational class I’ve had in the healing arts. It answered some of my deepest questions about life and healing. It brought tangibility to what I thought was intangible. A perfect addition to my practice and my life.”
Brian Whittingale, HHC, CMT, KSP1, Nutritional Coaching

“I was amazed by the new knowledge and enlightenment I gained from Jordania and KSTechnique. I loved that the classes were small and we were taught step-by-step in a well prepared format. I left with complete confidence I was able to practice on my clients. Jordania is a huge resource of knowledge, light and a positive force in the healing arts. I am looking forward to future classes.”
Joanne Hardy, CMT, KSP, Reiki M, iPath Provider

"The Universe provides! At the most opportune time, I met Jordania and quickly understood the value she brought to my life. Her deep understanding of Ayurveda, Crystal Therapy and energy work helped me to craft a beautiful spa menu with sound treatment protocols. Her CE learning sessions with the massage teams have a profound impact on the guest experience and team morale that extend beyond the 12 hour courses. She is a rare gem that enhances personal development much like the crystals she educates about.”
JENNIFER LYNN, Director of Spa & Retail
The Harmon Hotel, Spa and Residences, Las Vegas, Nevada

"A beautiful exchange of trust, relaxation, balance, peace, and love feels incredibly present in each chakra balancing service that I provide, and it has only grown and deepened as I have continued to learn from Jordania’s experience and knowledge base. She is not only well educated on her teachings, but she has a deep sense of peace and balance about her, and a self-less sense of giving to share with all of us this amazing world that she is so greatly a part of. Her classes are an anticipated retreat for us, and I embrace and crave further growth and knowledge in the world of energy and Ayurveda under Jordania’s guidance and tutelage."
Artesian for Qua at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada

"I was a regular therapist until I studied with Jordania. It’s like a gate opened and now there’s no turning back. My healing abilities lay dormant until Jordania showed me how to use them. Now I use them all the time. It’s the truth. It’s how I feel about it."
Artesian for Qua at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada
Renowned Musician

"INSPIRATIONAL! Jordania is one of the most knowledgeable, intuitive and dedicated educators I have had the pleasure of working with."
Author of "Classical Vastu," A Vedic Science

Jordania's integrity and genuine passion for massage flows freely in her classes, as she commands the space around her in an ever so subtle manner. Her many years of experience is evident in her approach and style of teaching, sharing, returning. Her classes are highly informative and should be a prerequisite for any massage therapist in the business.
Core Spa Consulting

"I feel honored to have worked with Jordania for over 10 years. She is the rare teacher who is selfless in her desire to share her knowledge. With a keen eye and quick wit, she deftly imparts her many years of experience and knowledge of bodywork. A class with Jordania will profoundly deepen the quality of your massage practice."
JENNIFER DIXON , CMT, Nationally Certified NeuroMuscular Therapist
Former Manager, Amadeus Spa, Pasadena, CA

"Jordania is more than just a teacher for us, she is a guide! Not only did she give us a foundation in our studies, she gave us an kinesthetic experience of it."
Eastasage Artisan at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas Nevada